Speak Up (part 2)

Part 2: Protein Ice Cream So, we were sitting in the ideation meeting room, the VP Creative Director, Executive Creative Director of Ideation, an Art Directors, Senior Art Director, VP of Mobile Operations….(you get the picture) and me, the Graphic Design Intern. They were throwing out ideas for a new company pitch. Multiple times in the brainstorm session […]

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It’s Who You Know 

Getting opportunities, interviews, projects, and potentially jobs is definitely about who you know. Networking is always so vital to meeting people in your field and creating chances for yourself to develop.  It’s who you know, but it’s also who you make yourself know. There are networking events you should go to (once again we will […]

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Speak Up (part 1)

When in an internship or new job, it can be scary to speak up about a lot of things. When is an appropriate time?  Is it to the appropriate person? Is it absolutely necessary or relevant? You don’t want to sound like your complaining, needy, annoying, or unsatisfied. You still want to show your drive, determination, […]

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Drawing Conclusions

No good design solution came forth without a plan. Designing starts with research, roughs, comps, wireframes, mock ups and then the final.  It’s important to always resort to planning using drawing. We don’t complete thoughts using right clicks on the mouse. We complete them by scribbling, circling, underlining, and ultimately sketching. Plans require some pencil […]

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What’s Underrated?

Something that is never explicitly said is school is the power of mock-ups. Yes, I am talking about the two kinds…so LEARN BOTH!! 🙂 1. physical 2. digital Physical: yep, you’ve heard it before. Craftmanship. Your craft is everything. You are a designer, not a computer technician, so get off the computer once in a […]

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These Are Not Projects

As the upcoming seniors begin preparing their work for their portfolio, we give you one important mindset to buy into. Your work in the next year is no longer a “project”. A project is something you have to do because a professor assigns it to you. A project is something small you did in school […]

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Enjoy the Breaks

As the semester wraps up, we’re finding ourselves in this awkward phase where there is nothing to do and yet we feel like we still have to do stuff. It’s hard to go from working all the time to working on nothing. We’ve realized after the semester is over, we need to take a big […]

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Have a Back Burner

We know, you know, we all know, we haven’t been on here lately. We apologize, but we also have learned a lesson. As much as you want to do everything you possibly can, you sometimes can not. During the past semester, we have been focused on creating our final portfolio, applying for jobs, writing resumes, […]

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Live An Interesting Life

As we both begin interviewing at jobs, we often come with questions and comments we want to ask the interviewers. It’s always a relief when finally the heat shift from having to answer questions to then be able to ask a couple. One question has repeatedly stuck out to me. “How do you as a […]

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